Full Stack Developer

London, England, United Kingdom


Lexoo is one of Europe’s leading legal technology companies. We are revolutionising the legal market by helping enterprise businesses quickly connect with our global network of world-class lawyers.

We’re based in our own offices in the beautiful Metropolitan Wharf building in Wapping, in a penthouse unit overlooking the Thames with a view of Canary Wharf (have a look here: https://www.metropolitanwharf.com/).

Our clients include exciting and disruptive brands like Monzo, Babylon and Transferwise.

We are funded by top investors such as Earlybird and Forward Partners, having raised our Series A in August 2018. We’ve been ranked in the Top 100 startups for 3 years running and are experiencing rapid growth. We recently won a Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award and we’re only just getting started!

About the role

We are looking for a full stack developer to help us build the future of Legal Tech (and to learn some best development practices along the way.)

We use Ruby on Rails on the back-end, and ES6 and Vue.js on the front end. We also use a number of other technologies including Elasticsearch for super-fast search, Redis for caching, and even a tiny bit of Python for pdf generation. The front end is designed using Haml and Sass with some Bootstrap 4 thrown in for good measure.

We use Github flow as our code commit and review process, CodeClimate to keep our code clean, and CircleCI to make sure our tests pass before deploying to production.

We put growth at the centre of the company and believe it’s part of everybody’s job at Lexoo. We work quickly to design, build and test new concepts to push the needle and ensure we’re providing value to customers.

You'll be working closely with Chris (CTO and Co-founder), three other developers (two of who work remotely), and our two product managers (who are based in the London office). Chris has been developing websites and apps for more than 12 years - with companies such as Forward Partners, Aegis Media, and the BBC. Here are links to his blog, GitHub, LinkedIn and a presentation he gave to Makers Academy.

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